The Herb Cooker Set


The Herb Cooker is the quickest way to produce high quality, evenly dosed edibles, requiring only 20 minuets or less!

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You’ll love The Herb Cooker’s simple operation and revolutionary infusion process is easy to follow and will make your edibles taste spectacular.

The Herb Cooker is best used for activating (decarboxylating) cannabis Hash or Kief for food preparation.

All Natural, this fast and simple process is easy to set up, with virtually no odor, utilizing only the most beneficial part of the cannabis plant; the THC Trichomes.

The Herb Cooker eliminates the need to strain plant matter, providing a cleaner more desirable taste and easy dosing.

In 20 minutes or less you can be on your path to producing your own Great Tasting edibles with this award winning cannabis hash infusion process.

Nothing to plug in, The Herb Cooker is extremely versatile and utilizes any stove top, from gas and electric ranges to single plug in electric burners.

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