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  1. Features and Benefits of “The Herb Cooker” are easy to use, no odor, uses hash – no straining or butter needed, cost effective, easy to dose or microdose, inexpensive to use, easily portable, and best of all ready in less than 20 minutes
  2. The Herb Cooker allows you to retain the antitumoral (cancer-eating), anelgesic (pain fighting) and antianxiety (relaxation) compounds found in cannabis that can be lost when using other infusion methods.
  3. Prepare properly dosed edibles, tinctures or topical treatments without losing the medicinal compounds of your cannabis time after time.
  4. Our research team has spent years in The Herb Cooker test kitchen developing The Herb Cooker and designing recipes using common ingredients found in an average supermarket across the US.


The Herb Cooker allows you to decarboxylate your cannabis Hash or Kief at a controlled temperature for the right amount of time to fully activate the THC making it readily psychoactive.

There are several reasons why decarboxylating cannabis is important when making properly dosed edibles, tinctures or topical treatments.

Learn how you can make the best tasting, properly dosed edibles possible in the comfort of your own home. The Herb Cookers versatility allows you to infuse any food quickly and easily. Whether you are using a gourmet kitchen or a single burner in your college dorm room, The Herb Cooker will simply your life.



Each piece of your new Herb Cooker kit was proudly crafted right here in the State of California.

Each one of a kind   “Stoneware Hash Infusion Bowl” is handcrafted and fired in Vallejo, Ca.

Specifically designed to decarb your hash in the most efficient way possible for the home cook.

The Herb Cooker Insert, is made with high quality Stainless Steel and precision cut by laser for a perfect fit time after time allowing
for cool touch handles* and proudly made in Richmond, Ca

The Herb Cooker Pot is made of durable machine spun aluminum allowing for an even distribution of heat and produced in Hayward, Ca.

The Herb Cooker Box and packaging materials are proudly made in Sacramento, Ca and contain a minimum of 60% post consumer waste and is 100% recyclable

*Exercise caution when using cool touch handles, some users may be more sensitive to heat.